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Sim WebEDI

It is a web-based solution that is usedover an internet connection and by entering a user code &password.

The menus that may be accessed by the users and the processes they may do are individually listed below.

Software functions
- Orders received from customers,
- Dispatch advices received from suppliers,
- Information received from warehouses regarding the entering and exiting of items,
- Invoice information from your customers, message view capabilities and the ability to export to Excel

and the simple preparation of reports using messages and database information such as:

- Shipment sent to your customers (Notification),
- Invoice sent to your customers,
- Orders sent to your suppliers,
- Invoice information sent to suppliers in order to be shared with you,
- Dispatch advices sent to your warehouses (Notification),

and the creation of:

- Shipment labels with barcodes,
- Bill of Loading forms,
- checklists

On October 23rd, 2010 SIM Web EDIwas homologized by GALIA, a member of ODETTE, a 25 year organization that determines various standards for the European Automotive Industry
SIM is the only one in Turkey and one of 7 companies in Europe that provides such services.

This solution may be used in Turkish, English, French, German and Italian.

Some of the reports created by the software

Companies connected to via EDI

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